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About Us

GreenWorks Lawn Solutions is your local lawn fertility specialist. We are an owner operated company and have been servicing Warsaw and surrounding areas for 10+ years! With a focus on lawn health and soil fertility we work with our customers to ensure they have the correct program for their lawn and budget. We are experienced, licensed, local and we're always a phone call away! We look forward to working with you.

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Lawn Solutions

What service(s) is right for your lawn?

GreenWorks Homepage_Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization is a key component to establishing and maintaining a dense, healthy and beautiful lawn.

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GreenWorks Homepage_Broadleaf Control

Broadleaf Control

Are you doing everything right but still can't seem to get rid of your unwanted weeds? Say goodbye to weeds once and for all!

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GreenWorks Homepage_Aerating


By core-aerating, you are opening soil up allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots which will in turn help your turf recover from over-use.

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GreenWorks Homepage_Overseeding


Whether damage from grubs, compaction, too little water, heat stress, etc, it is important to contact us to see if over-seeding is right for your lawn.

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GreenWorks Homepage_Pest Control

Pest Control

Offering perimeter pest control as well as protection from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Consider adding Pest Control to your lawn program!

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GreenWorks Homepage_Landscaping


Designing an outdoor environment that meets the needs and lifestyle of your family is our biggest interest. We are happy to help you along with the Design Process.

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Benefits of a Lawn
Care Program

Thicker, greener turf

Weed free lawn

Higher curb appeal

Licensed Technician doing the work

Access to lawn tips and techniques

More time using your lawn, rather than caring for it

Why Choose Us?

GreenWorks Homepage_Custom

Custom Programs

We ask the right questions to build the right program for you.

GreenWorks Homepage_Local

We are Local

We buy locally and we employ locally.

GreenWorks Homepage_Diagnosis

Lawn Diagnosis

Identify problem areas and propose solutions.

GreenWorks Homepage_Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Saving our customers time and money.

Let's diagnose your lawn.

Please tell us more about your lawn and we will provide a quote for the service(s) needed.