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Over time, the grass in our lawns gets old and begins to die off. For most northern grass mixes, each individual blade will live 45-60 days. Fortunately, our turf grasses spread by rhizomes and clusters, allowing the lawn to heal itself. While this is beneficial, sometimes we need the lawn receives too much damage whether it is from grubs, compaction, too little water, heat stress, etc. That is when it is important to contact us to see if over-seeding is right for your lawn.


Identifying the issue is the key to finding a solution. How do you know if your lawn needs over-seeded? If you are a new customer, or you just moved to a new home where the previous owners did not treat the lawn, you may need your lawn over-seeded. If you have a lot of tree cover and notice that the grass is really thin you should consider over-seeding. It will also help repair damaged spots from animals, vehicles or areas that receive excessive traffic. If you are on a lawn program with us, we will be completing quality checks throughout the year and letting you know if over-seeding will be beneficial.

The GreenWorks Solution

Our solution is very simple. Once we have identified that your lawn needs an over-seeding, we will schedule you to receive a treatment in the Fall. In Northern states, over-seeding typically take place in the fall to ensure better results. The seed will germinated over the fall growth period and it will be the first to grow in the spring helping establish a thick turf early, keeping unwanted weeds out over the course of the year. A Core-Aeration is always accompanied with this service as it really helps the seed germinate by bringing nutrient rich soil to the surface. Core-aerating is also great for your existing turf.

Does your lawn need to be over-seeded?

One of our technicians would be happy to come take a look at your lawn and give you a diagnosis!