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Broadleaf Control

Get rid of unwanted weeds with Broadleaf Control


As homeowners, we spend a lot of time, effort and money ensuring the things we work for in life are nice. You landscape, edge walkways and driveways, mow continuously, but you still have dandelions, plantains and clover in your lawn year after year, making your property appear unkempt. We understand your frustration, and that is why we add broadleaf control to all of our lawn programs.


Identifying the weeds in your lawn is crucial to finding a solution. Broadleaf weeds, unlike grassy weeds, are typically very easy to identify and very easy to remove. Good news, right? We all have seen broadleaf weeds in the spring. Dandelions, clover, ivy, and plantains. The flowers of some broadleaf weeds can actually be appealing to some, but not when they are dominating your turf.

The GreenWorks Solution

GreenWorks has a solution for broadleaf weed problems and it is important to understand the process. In early spring we will hit your lawn with nitrogen and a pre-emergent for a quick boost. By doing this, your lawn will grow nice and thick which helps keep out the unwanted weeds. Our second application specifically targets broadleaf weeds to remove any mature plants from continuing their reproductive process. As the year progresses, we treat for any other weeds along with fertilizer applications that keep your lawn thick, lush, healthy and weed free.

These weeds cannot just be treated once and be expected to not return. Annual applications will need to be applied as a preventative measure against any unwanted weeds in your lawn. We ask for 18 months to recover a lawn with major weed issues. That allows your grass to go through multiple growing seasons and at that point you will have had 3 broadleaf control applications. Some yards are much easier than others, depending on personal care, weed density and weed type.

Let's get your weeds under control.

We add broadleaf control to all of our lawn programs! Please tell us more about your lawn problems and we'll provide a quote.