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Each time we use our lawn, it is slowly being compacted. Have you seen a lawn after a wedding or graduation party? Have you recently had new landscaping installed or a construction project completed? While all enjoyable and necessary, they can be damaging to your lawn. When lawns are compacted it makes it hard for oxygen and water to reach the turfs root system. By core-aerating, you are opening that soil up allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots which will in turn help your turf recover from over-use.


Identifying the problem is always crucial to finding the solution. We know what causes compaction and we know that it is important to aerate, but how do we know when to do it? Below is information to help identify if you are in need of an aeration:

  • Your lawn dries out quickly or fails to hold moisture.
  • Has heavy traffic from kids, pets, or excessive use.
  • Your home was newly constructed or landscaped.
  • Weeks without moisture, like late June and July of 2018
  • Brown or patchy areas of your lawn have not recovered by mid-September

If you are subject to these conditions, it is time to set up an aeration.

The GreenWorks Solution

We suggest core-aerating each fall. During this service, 2″ plugs full of microorganisms will be pulled to the surface assisting in the breakdown of thatch. As a result, thatch break down will provide your lawn with much-needed organic nutrients and increase your lawns ability to retain water.

Something that most people forget is that lawns are living and breathing. They are subject to harsh weather conditions, 100 degree summer days with little rainfall, and then winters where it can have a few feet of snow on it for months. This is why core-aerating is so important, and is a highly recommended service to add-on to any Lawn Fertilization program.

Let your lawn breathe.

Give your lawn a refresh and chance to recover from use with our core-aerating add-on!