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Lawn Fertilization


Lawn Fertilization is a key component to establishing and maintaining a dense, healthy and beautiful lawn. It is something we strive for year after year and it can be frustrating when you just aren’t getting the results you want. Your lawn may not be the deep green you expect it to be, or it may be thin in areas causing the growth of unwanted weeds. We understand your frustration and we have a program designed for you!


Identifying your lawns needs is the first step in developing a healthy and attractive turf. Signs of a lawn in need of a proper fertilization can vary. Below is a list of issues you may be experiencing:

  • Discoloration in the spring and fall
  • Sparse areas that are not filling in
  • Excessive weed growth
  • Disease issues like dollar spot, leaf spot or lawn rust

All of these examples are a sign that you are in need of a proper lawn fertilization program. A lack of nutrients in your lawn can lead to an undernourished lawn full of weeds that can take a significant amount of time to repair while a lawn that is over-fertilized can be subject to disease and burn out.

The GreenWorks Solution

If you are reading this post, you are in the right place. GreenWorks has developed programs to fit the needs of all customers. We have lawn fertilization programs that target pests like grubs, insects and weeds while providing your lawn with year long nutrition. We also adjust our programs to fit the needs of each customer on an individual basis.

No hassle, no contract. Just the right program for you!

Let us help you find the right lawn care program for your lawn's needs!